Oh hi, I still exist

Well, this is embarrassing. I had this successful blog, and people read it, and we all ate deliciously and healthfully. Then I dropped the ball and now I have flax-egg replacement on my face. Rather than making excuses, here is a real quick rundown of the last… year…s?

I traveled around the world:

around the world

I attended a wedding in India of a dear friend:


I moved in with the love of my life:

alex and i

My posse of niece and nephews grew:


And then I got ENGAGED to the love of my life:

facebook engaged

And then we traveled the world again:

ThailandAnd finally, as you may know, I have been lucky enough to share my life with two furry critters for the last few years. They were who got me out of bed in the morning and who inspired me to be my best. I have learned some of my most important lessons with my babies and they have been instrumental in helping me figure out where my strengths and priorities are. It is now with great sadness that I share that I have lost them at ripe old rattie ages recently. However, I will never lose that which they helped me gain and it is because of them that I may have and enjoy this next stage of my life as we build our new family. More on this later though…

Bianca collage

A lot more has happened, but this will be a good primer as I ramp this back up. I have grown an unimaginable amount since we last chatted, and I look forward to sharing this you. So pull up a yoga mat, put on some tea, and check all stories and expectations at the door.

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